In the early 1900s a young Italian man by the name of Luigi Ottaviani immigrated to America with his family to seek his fortune.  His fortune came in the form of a life of hard work mining coal in Western Pennsylvania and raising six children, including one named Antonio.

Around that same time, another young Italian man, Aqapito Romano also arrived in America.  He, too, worked in the coal mines, eventually marrying Mary DeFigio.  The couple raised 10 children, including a daughter named Firenza.

As fate would have it, Firenza Romano met, fell in love and married Antonio Ottaviani.  They became the parents of four children, once again supported on a coal miner’s salary which Antonio augmented with the fruits of his labor on a small family farm.

antonioAntonio’s only son Phillip grew up,  met and married Adrienne Voso.  While raising their three children, Phillip and Adrienne dreamed about opening an Italian restaurant.  In 2005, with very little money and no experience, they launched Ristorante Ottaviani, a family owned and run restaurant built around the concept of old family recipes and a commitment to superior service in a family atmosphere.  Members of the Ottaviani family are almost always on hand to welcome guests and insure they have an exceptional dining experience.

The Ottaviani family invites you to join us for dinner and be part of our family.  It’s an offer you can’t refuse!
Phil Family